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Return Policy

Our fine diamonds and timeless jewelry should meet or exceed your expectations. However, if you are less then entirely satisfied and wish to return , you can return any order for a credit or exchange within 30 days from the date of shipment.

How to return an order:

1. Please email us at [email protected] and let us know the item you would like to return along with your Order No

2. Send us the jewelry with the original packing materials and let us know the item tracking no by return email once you mail it .

3. Secure your item(s) and all the original packing materials, including SDJ security tag, packing slip and the diamond certificate if appropriate, in a freight approved package (the post office has these available if you do not).

4. Send the package by Priority Registered/EXPRESS Mail, as this is the safest way to ship high-value items. For your protection, please insure the package for the full amount of the invoice plus shipping charges.

However if the value of the items being returned is over $500, we recommend sending the package via USPS as FedEx and UPS will not insure goods over $500. For returns of over $500 from outside the US, please contact a 3rd party insurance company to arrange coverage. SDJ is not responsible for items lost or damaged while shipping OF returns

5. Clearly print your name and address on the outside of the package in the return area.For Jewelry Out of India, Please mail the package to our Distributor in USA  Pls do not mail it to our India office if you are posting it from Out of India.